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For insurance purposes, watercrafts are categorized into three groups; boat insurance, yacht insurance, and personal watercraft insurance. Homeowners policies typically provide minimal coverage for watercraft — usually only for small boats like a canoe, or a small sailboat or power boat with less than 25 total horsepower. There is no coverage under a homeowners policy for personal watercrafts like jet skis.

While watercraft insurance is optional in most states, it is always a good idea to be sure you are covered while out on the water. Additionally, many loan and marina agreements require owners to obtain coverage.

Protect yourself, your passengers, and your investment.


Where will the boat be stored in season?

Where will the boat be stored off season?

How much boating experience do you have?

Will the boat be hired out or chartered?

Will you be living on the boat?


Vessel Size

Cruising Territory


Intended Use

Condition of Boat

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These are just some of the many factors used to determine the best policy for your unique watercraft insurance needs. 


Generally, less than 26 feet in length.


Generally, greater than 26 feet in length.

Personal Watercraft

Such as a Wave Runner or Jet Ski.

Watercraft Insurance Coverages

Protecting your boat is much like protecting your car and home. Watercraft insurance is offered on a package basis, meaning that there is coverage for physical property and protection against the legal and financial consequences of injuring others or damaging property that belongs to others.

Physical Damage

Pays for the cost to repair or replace your watercraft, its motor, and any permanently attached equipment, if it is stolen or damaged.


Responds to claims or lawsuits caused when another person is injured and/or when another person’s property is damaged or destroyed. 

Medical Payments

Provides reimbursement for medical treatment expense resulting from a boating accident by you, your passengers, or your water skiers.



These optional coverage options can provide customization to your watercraft policy and additional protection.

Towing and Assistance

Addresses expenses such as towing to a repair site, cost of fuel and parts deliveries, roadside repair for trailers and repair labor costs.

Personal Effects

Protects against loss involving non-boating property such as fishing gear and watches.

Agreed Value

Allows you to improve the amount of compensation for a significant loss by agreeing on the amount in advance.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage

Provides coverage when an insured boater experiences damage to property or injury in a loss caused by a boater who does not have insurance.

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