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Loss Prevention

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Everyone talks about risk control and prevention – TIS delivers. We design, implement, and monitor customized programs that control and prevent losses. While our programs include traditional components focused on the premise of safety and the like, we also provide risk management advice. We can advise you on safer methods to reach your goals.

Regardless of the size of your company, we understand how important it is to protect your business. Additionally, proactive loss prevention can minimize the cost of your insurance program over the long term… saving you money. By providing you with Internal Loss Prevention Support, we can do just that.

Our loss control specialists work with you to provide a customized Risk Management Plan that mitigates risk and exposure. We design safety programs that instill safety consciousness in the people. This not only helps keep their people safe but ultimately helps them control their premiums.

Safety and Risk Control Services

Safety & Environmental Compliance

Safety and regulatory training: OSHA, EPA, MSHA

Mock OSHA inspections

TPA auditing certification, pre-qualification, recertification assistance: Avetta, ISNET, PICS, RAVS

Design and develop environmental, safety and health processes, programs, policies, and procedures

Accident investigation/reconstruction

Safety committee/accident review committee

Access to Succeed Risk Management Portal

OSHA Regulations & Compliance

Onsite inspections to ensure compliance

Assists in completing annual OSHA 300 logs

Acts as a liaison for OSHA inspection upon request

Conducts Safety Training on all regulatory compliance requirements per OSHA

DOT Compliance / Objectives

DOT Mock Audit

DOT Driver Qualification File Audit and Assistance

DOT Safety and Regulatory Trainings

DOT Assistance with CSA, SMS Safer Monitoring

Loss Control Recommendations

Accompanies the carrier when a survey is requested

Reviews recommendations made and helps you responded accordingly

Conducts internal safety training meeting to provide insight on how to mitigate any further claims

Drug Free Workplace & Driver Training

Provides assistance on completing yearly Drug Free Workplace program and recommends vendors to use

Provides personalized fleet safety procedures

As a TIS business client, you will be provided access to our Risk Management platform – Succeed. This unique web-based software helps protect your company through a suite of safety, risk management, and HR tools designed to empower your organization’s risk prevention and compliance efforts.

Access a best-practices safety library

Manage incidents, analyze loss sources, and comply with OSHA reporting requirements

Deliver employee safety training efficiently and effectively

Access HR best-practice templates, training, news alerts, and expert advice

Manage the Certificate of Insurance process and ensure your business is protected from unexpected liability

Automate safety audits, field inspections, and corrective action reporting

Build a behavior-based safety program

If you don’t already have access to Succeed, please contact your Account Manager to get set up. If you already have an account, access the platform now.

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