Medicare Part A – Hospital Insurance

  • Helps with cost of inpatient hospital stays and skilled nursing costs
  • Includes hospice care
  • Provides limited home health benefits

Medicare Part B – Medical Insurance

  • Helps with the cost of medically necessary doctor visits and other medical services including: outpatient care at hospitals and clinics, laboratory tests, some diagnostic screenings, some skilled nursing care
  • Requires additional monthly premiums

Medicare Part C – Medical Advantage Plans

  • Offered by private insurance companies approved by and contracted with Medicare
  • Combines hospital and outpatient services into one package for Medicare beneficiaries who are entitled to Part A and enrolled in Part B
  • Some plans include Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Plans include HMOs, PPOs, and Private Fee-for-Service
  • Some have a monthly premium payable to the health insurance plan in addition to their Part B premium

Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Plans

  • Voluntary program offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare to provide prescription drug coverage for an additional monthly premium
  • Plans vary based on price, drug formulary, and network

Medicare Supplement

  • Also referred to as a Medigap policy
  • Offered by private insurance companies to help pay Medicare Part A and B coinsurance, copayment, and/or deductibles for medically necessary procedures as determined by Original Medicare
  • Premiums vary between health plans for the same coverage
  • Standardized policies identified as Plans A through N

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