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Construction Industry Trends – Great Team Building for Great Success

Team building. It’s been around for a long time.

But, for companies to become top contenders in their field, or even just to survive, new ideas and ways to increase productivity are needed.

Many organizations have secretly used leadership teams for this purpose. Great leadership teams have been known to “exceed the expectations of the stakeholders, produce superior results and out perform competitors on a consistent basis.”

What’s the difference between garden variety team building and great team building? That’s the subject of a recent article published by FMI Corporation called “The Hidden Secret of High-Performing Leadership Teams”.

According to the article, the most successful teams have a diverse membership that pulls expertise from all areas of the company. This allows existing and new strengths to be used to support the goals and purposes of the team. “In reality, the lack of clarity on roles and purpose is the most common cause for low-performing teams.”

How do you best develop these teams? Try these criteria for your teams:

  • Two or more members
  • Have common purpose and shared goals
  • Rely on one another to get their work done
  • Know who those on the team are and their roles on the team.

The team’s success is based on some specific essentials. Every member must not only know the purpose of the team, but they must buy into it. Team members must be chosen carefully and with assurance that they are supportive of the team’s purpose.

Development of team roles and responsibilities is crucial as well. Good communication, a clear understanding and agreement with the team’s goals and role definition are a critical parts of the team’s success.

Another hidden secret to team success is creating a strong alignment between team members. Members must consider the team’s importance above their own agendas. It’s also important to establish team agreements that each team member understands and agrees to. Guidelines that clearly identify behaviors that are acceptable and unacceptable is essential.

In addition, the performance of the team results should be measured and the team must report to an upper level manager.

To learn more about this exciting way of taking your company to a higher level of success, read the full article.

One thought on “Construction Industry Trends – Great Team Building for Great Success”
  1. I think it is great to understand that even construction teams need to exemplify the qualities that you list here. It is also important to pull a wide range of talents to any team to be successful. I cant remember that the most successful teams I have been on were ones that may not have even started out that great, but over time found its stride. Having a common purpose and a common goal definitely helps too; great point there.

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