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Construction – Legal Pitfalls of Change Orders and Change Directives

The legal experts at Saul Ewing LLP in their article “Top Ten Construction Clauses: Change Orders and Change Directives,” recently published in JD Supra Business Advisor, take a deeper look at legal pitfalls and potential risk mitigation efforts surrounding construction contracts and changes in the scope of work.
The article offers discussion of the details of several litigation cases, which highlight a common potential legal pitfall of change orders—notification requirements. The cases highlight the jurisdiction-dependent nature of legal requirements and the many ways confusion can lead to unnecessary legal risks. The article culminates with a number of solid recommendations for limiting your legal risk.
Read more on change orders and change directive pitfalls and how to mitigate the risks in the complete article.
Insurance – Rental Car Damage Waivers
According to Bill Wilson, associate vice president of education and research for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, the commonly-held advice to skip the Loss Damage Waiver when renting a car may not be the best advice.
In his article, “The Rental Car Damage Waiver…To Buy or Not to Buy, That Is the Question,” which expounds on a previous article, “Top 10 Reasons to Purchase the Rental Car Damage Waiver,” Wilson advocates a “belt-and-suspenders” approach to minimizing risk exposure when renting a car. He recommends, to ensure complete coverage, utilizing the Loss Damage Waiver in addition to any coverage offered by your own auto insurance or credit cards.
Read Wilson’s full reasoning in the complete article.
Safety –  Work Zone Safety
According to a recent study on work zone safety by the AGC, almost 50% of responding highway contractors reported at least one crash in the last twelve months in one of their work zones.
In the July/August 2015 issue of Constructor, Jeanie J. Clapp discusses the results of the study including a number of potential solutions for improving the safety of work zones in her article, ” “The Road to Safety.” According to the article and the study, most contractors felt the best way to ensure work zone safety when it comes to dealing with motorists is stricter enforcement of laws.
For more details on the study and the potential solutions, read the full article.
Business – Servant Leadership
A recent post on Enterprise Ref, “What is Servant Leadership,” discusses the concept of servant leadership and shines light on many of the indicators and perks of being a servant leader.
“Good servant-leaders are those whose primary purpose for leading is to serve others by investing in their development and meaningful well-being for the benefit of the common good,” according to the Enterprise Ref.
Some of the hallmarks of servant leadership discussed in the post include:

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Equality
  3. Service

To understand servant leadership and what sets servant leaders apart, read the entire post.

Surety – How Sureties Add Value
A feature article in the Spring 2015 Surety Bond Quarterly, “Value Added: Surety industry proves worth when projects hit snags,” discusses a number of cases where sureties have saved the day.
From rescuing a South Dakota city from an overextended contractor to seeing a long-vacant school turned county prosecutors office project to completion, the article is a must read for anyone wondering why sureties are important aspect of any construction work.
Read all the stories in the complete article.

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