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Distracted Driving | Focusing on the task of driving (featuring Podcast)

Jason Pierce | TIS Insurance Services | Safety & Loss Control Engineer

Have you ever noticed a driver texting or talking on a cell phone while driving? If you answered yes then you have witnessed someone distracted while driving.

Both texting and talking on a phone or use of a digital device can take a driver’s mind and eyes off the road. Using a navigation system, adjusting a radio, eating and drinking apply as well. We can’t forget about talking to a passenger, checking on a child in the backseat, reading, watching a video or even grooming and putting on makeup – all while driving. Any of these activities are distractions that take a driver’s attention away from the road and could lead to an accident.

If we admit it, we have all been guilty of distracted driving at some point.  The stark reality is that over 3,000 people die annually and over 400,000 people are injured from distracted driving. Let’s get serious about reducing these statistics and do our best not to become one of them by taking the first step toward stopping distracted driving. Begin by making a personal commitment of never using a cell phone while driving a vehicle. Take seriously other activities that can be distracting as well.

Keep your mind and eyes on the task of driving. Encourage others to do the same for everyone’s safety.

Listen to our Podcast about Distracted Driving featuring CNA Insurance Risk Control Consultant Tom Griffith and TIS Communications Director Lisa Peterson:


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